Maryland Aerospace, Inc., Celebrates 100,000 Hours of On-Orbit CubeSat ADACS Operations

20 December 2016

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Maryland Aerospace, Inc. (MAI) announced today that they have attained at least 100,000 cumulative hours of on-orbit CubeSat Attitude Determination And Control System (ADACS) operations. “We are pleased to have achieved such a momentous milestone in our ADACS program and want to thank our many customers worldwide for making this possible,” said Steve Fujikawa, President of MAI, “This operational achievement exemplifies the reliability and robustness of MAI products, especially relevant in the rapidly emerging CubeSat industry.”

MAI is the world leader in the manufacture of CubeSat ADACS, having delivered 131 flight units to academic, government, and industry customers all over the globe. Of these, at least 34 have flown with many more currently in the launch queue, and 17 that are actively operating on-orbit. This is more flight heritage than any other supplier.

In 2016, MAI introduced the Space Sextant, a high precision CubeSat star tracker. Sponsored by AFRL and NASA, the MAI star tracker is capable of 0.015 degrees (or better) pointing knowledge as demonstrated in government tests. In addition to anticipating NewSpace industry needs with our ongoing product line improvements, MAI frequently accommodates customer-specific requirements, such as precision attitude determination and control for high-spin spacecraft or custom sensor locations.

This key operational milestone exemplifies the reliability and robustness of MAI products for the rapidly growing CubeSat industry.

About Maryland Aerospace, Inc.

MAI develops and manufactures advanced SmallSat, CubeSats, and CubeSat technologies enabling government, industry and academic concerns worldwide with capabilities previously reserved for larger and more expensive satellites. MAI markets a comprehensive line of components including reaction wheels, torque rods, C&DH, electric power systems, batteries, complete 3U and 6U spacecraft, as well as an imaging MicroSatellite for the DoD.

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