Spaceborne Vehicles

SmallSats and CubeSats

Maryland Aerospace offers high TRL, low-risk spacecraft solution with our MAGICBus, MAI-6000, and MAI-3000 internally developed adaptable spacecraft. We leverage our work on the Kestrel Eye program, qualified for NASA ISS launch, meeting stringent launch and Safety Review Panel requirements, including the battery and propulsion module. We also leverage our Attitude Determination, and Control Systems (ADACS) years of on-orbit flight heritage. Take a look at our spacecraft that we can deliver to you on a 12 month schedule for operational use, demonstrations, constellations or formation flying.

Interfaces: RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, Ethernet, & I2C

ISS-safe design and components

Flight proven Attitude Determination and Control System providing up to 0.1 degrees pointing control

Power regulated to 3.3VDC, 5VDC or 12VDC

32 GB of on-board available storage

AES-256 or National Security Agency (NSA) approved Type-1 encryption

S-Band, X-Band or UHF/VHF options available

Available gas and electric propulsion

Compatible with industry standard deployers including the PSCSD, NRCSD, Kabers, and NLAS

MAGICBus - 50 kg MicroSat

MAI’s 50kg, low-cost, electro-optical imaging micro-satellite provides imagery in near-real time. Featuring a 10-inch aperture, the Optical Imaging Micro-Satellite can be tasked to capture an image of a designated ground object and relay that image to a mobile ground station. It can complete the task in a single pass or within a 10-minute tasking-to-product cycle. The micro-satellite provides communications encryption, propulsive station-keeping capability, accurate attitude control, and pointing accuracy, all in a small package; the small form factor enables launch as a secondary payload, making both spacecraft and launch very affordable.

  • 15″ x 15″ x 38″ Space Vehicle Volume
  • 50 kg Space Vehicle Mass
  • 10 in. Aperture, 1.3 m to 1.5 m GSD
  • Gas Propulsion System

The MAI-6000 is a fully configurable 6U CubeSat Bus designed to be robust, low-cost, and compatible with existing launch dispensers including the Planetary Systems CSD. We can configure the payload bay in a rectangular or L-shaped volume. We also include the MMA eHaWK Solar Array and our own MAI-400 ADACS, capable of up to 0.1-degree pointing control using the MAI Space Sextant star tracker. The MAI-6000 is designed to operate for at least 12 months in Low Earth Orbit environments from 350 to 850 km altitude and 0 to 98.8 degrees inclination. The optional electric propulsive capability enables precise orbit control for formation flight.

  • 4U Payload Volume Available
  • 12 kg Payload Mass Available
  • 20 W Payload Power Available

The MAI-3000 is a fully configurable 3U CubeSat Bus that we design and build using the same components and processes as the MAI-6000. The MMA HaWK arrays provide high Orbit Average Power for the payload while the MAI-400 ADACS provides fine 0.1-degree pointing control. Our MAI-3000 is compatible with existing 3U launch adapters, primarily targeting Planetary Systems Corporation’s Canisterized Satellite Dispenser (CSD) system. MAI is positioned to deliver more than just a kit of parts or even a qualified bus; we have experience in designing and delivering rapid, low cost utility to the end user.

  • 1.5U Payload Volume Available
  • 5 kg Payload Mass Available
  • 15 W Payload Power Available
Mission Services
Integration and Testing

We offer a spacecraft, payload and launch services integration and testing.

Launch Services

We offer a wide range of launch services, with options for multiple orbits, vendors and vehicles.

Mission Operations

We offer mission operations services compliant with all commercial ground systems.